Best Bushcraft Knife

Are you camping, hunting, fishing or hiking lovers?


Then you must have a bushcraft knife in your backpack.

Bushcraft knives are specially designed to do roughest and the toughest works.

It does not matter what kind of adventure you are planning to go on you must have a bushcraft knife with you.

So without wasting much time lets come on the main topic of this article.

List of Best Bushcraft Knife in 2020



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Benchmade - Bushcrafter 162 Fixed Outdoor Survival Knife Made in USA

Fallkniven F1, Thermorun Handle, Plain, Zytel Sheath

Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife with Fire Starter and Sheath, 4.3-Inch

Helle Knives - Temagami - Triple Laminated Carbon Steel - Les Stroud Design - Traditional Field Knife

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF9 12.1in High Carbon Steel Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF36 Frontier 10.4in Stainless Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife

TOPS Knives B.O.B. Brothers of Bushcraft Knife w/Black Handle

Spyderco Serrata Fixed Blade Knife

Buck Knives 0863BRS Selkirk Fixed Blade Knife

Morakniv Craftline Pro S Allround Fixed Blade Utility Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade and Combi-Sheath

Condor Tool & Knife, Bushlore Camp Knife

Benchmade Bushcraft 162 Survival Knife

This premium knife is the USA made knife. It is the best bushcraft knife in the world.

It is a costlier knife due to high built quality and durability.

This knife overall measures 9.15 inches with a blade of 4.4 inches.

Bushcraft 162 has a sturdy CPM-s30V stainless steel blade with a thickness of 0.164 inches. It has 1.45% carbon steel that makes the blade stronger.

The blade is a fixed blade-type blade that enhances the stability and strength of the knife.

Its drop-point blade makes it a versatile and robust knife with a high edge retention ability. Bushcraft 1632 weighs around 7.7 ounces.

The handle of this knife measures around 4.75 inches and it is made of high-quality resin-soaked fiberglass material.

Its ultra-durable G10 handle is impervious to moisture which means you can use this knife in every type of climate.

You do not have to hesitate to use it in any condition because it can survive even at extreme temperatures.

It comes with a leather sheath that makes having a belt loop and D-ring for quick access.

If you invest in this knife then you are going to do one-time investment. You do have to have to look for another knife after some time if you will go with this knife.


  • Fixed blade knife
  • CPM-S30V stainless steel blade
  • High-quality handle
  • Full-tang Knife
  • Best military knife


  • Expensive

Fallkniven F1

Falllkniven F1 is another one of the best bushcraft knives. Falllkniven F1 has been the official survival knife of the Swedish Air Force since 1995. It is a very durable, lightweight, versatile, and compact knife. The built quality of this knife can not be questioned as it is the best military knife.

F1 is designed for use with the fire steel. The edges of the spine are squared 90-degrees. Scraping with the edge of the spine throws amazingly large sparks.

The drop point blade of F1 is made with the VG-10 stainless steel that makes the blade durable as well as corrosion-resistant.

The handle of the knife is made with the Thermorum that is a rubber-thermoplastic combination. The handle has a slimmer profile that gives a better grip and comfortable but same feature can be a disadvantage for the people with large hands.

The best feature of this knife is that it is a full tang bushcraft knife that makes it highly durable and sturdy as compared to the folding and rat-tail knives.

It comes with the black Zytel sheath that tough enough to withstand years of wear and tears. Moreover, it comes with the lanyard hole that makes working with this knife more safe and secure.

Overall, Fallkniven F1 is the best budget fixed blade knife which is highly durable and sturdy enough to bear the stress of toughest jobs.


  • Stainless steel blade
  • Lanyard hole
  • Better grip
  • Comes with Sheath
  • Best bushcraft knife under 200$


  • Little expensive

Morakniv Bushcraft Knife

This knife comes with a carbon steel blade having a thickness of 3,.2 mm. It is a very durable and hard nature blade by which it can be used for doing the toughest tasks. It has the ability to bear massive pressure and force.

Moreover, the blade also ave the black layer coating on it that makes the blade anti-corrosion. Being an anti-corrosion blade it can be used in all types of weather.

The knife measures 9.1 inches with the blade length of 4.3 inches. The overall weight of the knife is around 5.4 ounces.

The handle of this knife is also very impressive it is designed with a high-friction rubber. That allows you to have an anti-slip grip over the knife. The handle is very comfortable and has a strong grip even with the wet hands.

Not only this, but it also comes with a fire-starter thatswhy you don’t have to carry a match with you if you have this knife.

This knife also comes with a black plastic sheath with an integrated diamond sharpener.

Its sheathe also have a removable belt loop and clip that you can use to hold the blade safely.


  • Integrated Diamond sharpener
  • Anti-corrosion blade
  • Strong grip handle
  • Fire-started
  • best budget bushcraft knife


  • Plastic sheath

Helle Temagami Carbon Bushcraft Knife

Helle is a well-reputed brand in the knife industry. This company is known for its high-quality products. The Helle Temagami Carbon Bushcraft knife is the best bushcraft knife for the money.

This knife is a very light-weight and easy to carry knife. It weight around only 3 ounces.

This knife is an all-purpose knife you can use for different situations like hiking, survival or camping.

Its razor-like sharpen 3.5 inches blade has triple-layered stainless steel that makes it durable and strong blade.

The edge of the blade is easy to sharpen and has good edge retention ability.

Helle Temagami knife’s handle is made of curly birch, antler, and leather.

Its handle will give you a nice and comfortable grip over the handle.

It has a semi-full tang that provides adds extra strength and durability in this bushcraft knife.

It comes with a custom full-grain leather sheath.


  • Triple-layer stainless steel blade
  • Strong grip handle
  • Leight weight


  • Semi-full tang knife

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife

Ka-Bar is a well-known knife manufacturing company that has manufactured knives for military, hunting lovers, law enforcement departments, etc.

This is one of the best knives in the market.

It may be a little heavy for some persons but it very strong and durable knife due to its high-end built quality.

It can be your best companion for hiking, mountain climbing, hunting, and other activities.

This fixed blade knife is a heavy-duty beast that weighs.

Its blade is crated with the 1095 high-carbon steel. Its razor-sharp blade has amazing edge retention ability.

Moreover, the handle Ka-bar Becker Bk2 is made of premium plastic ergonomic plastic. The handle feels comfortable and has a strong grip.

Its handle also has a lanyard hole in which you can wrist a lanyard to make it more secure while in using it.

You can use the hard-shell black nylon sheath that comes along with the knife to safely keep this knife.


  • High-end Blade
  • Durable Nylon Sheath
  • Strong Built quality


  • Plastic Handle

Schrade SCHF9 Bushcraft Knife

This simple and clean knife but don’t judge it form its appearance. This is a high-end and durable knife.

It comes with the 1095 carbon steel blade that makes this knife fit for doing the toughest work.

The blade has a length of 6.4 inches with a strong tip.

Its carbon steel blade is capable enough to withstand the pressure and force without bending.

Not only this, but it is also a full tang knife that makes it stronger and durable one.

It has the finger coil so that the fingers get fitted in to make the grip more strong and it also enables more control over the knife, especially while doing heavy-duty work.

The handle of this knife is made of ring textured thermoplastic elastomer handle. You will get a strong grip on this knife even with wet hands.

It comes with a ballistic belt sheath that enables you to safely store the knife. The sheath has a removable storage pouch.

It has a lanyard hole in which you can insert the lanyard to make the knife safer while using it.


  • Lanyard hole
  • Full-tang knife
  • High carbon steel blade


  • Plastic Handle
  • Maybe heavier for doing some finner tasks

Schrade SCHF36

This knife is equipped with every feature that a bushcraft knife should have in it.

The blade is this knife is a 1095  powder coated high carbon steel blade. Its full tang design makes it a highly reliable and durable blade with having enough strength to withstand high pressure and force.

Blade measures 5 inches long with the corrosion-resistant edge that comes razor-sharpened. The overall weight of the knife is around 12.3 ounces with an overall length of 10.4 inches.

It has a ring textured TPE handle that gives you a comfortable grip to prevent slipping of the knife while in use.

Handle has a finger choil design that enhances the grip.

There is also a lanyard hole in the handle in which you can insert a lanyard to make the knife more safe and secure while working with it.

This knife is mainly designed for outdoor activities so you do not have to have doubt on its performance.

Moreover, the knife also comes with a black nylon sheath having a velcro loop. Not only sheath it also comes with a Ferro rod and knife sharpening stone.


  • Full-tang knife
  • Powder-coated high carbon steel blade
  • Lanyard hole
  • Ferro rod
  • Blade Sharpening Stone
  • Polyester belt sheath


  • Blade might be small for some people

Tops Knives B.O.B Brothers of Bushcraft Knife

This knife is designed by the bushcraft experts. This amazingly designed knife is strong enough to handle the harshest outdoor conditions.

This knife comes with a 1095 high carbon RC 56-58 blade construction. This material of blade not only makes it sturdy but it also corrosion-resistant.

The blade measures 4.5 inches long. The edge of the knife is strong enough to withstand toughest works like batoning, cutting and chopping.

The edge fo the knife is easy to sharpen and has high edge retention ability.

The handle is designed with a black Canvas Micarta material. The grip over the handle is comfortable and hands do not slip away.

The Thumb Scallops designed on the hilt of the handle of the knife enables more comfort and control while craving and skinning game.

There is also a lanyard hole at the end of the handle to attach a lanyard to make the knife more secure while in use.

Its lightweight design helps you to work with it for a long time without getting your hands numbed.

The knife comes with an amazing Kydex sheath.


  • Excellent Design
  • High-end blade
  • Durable razor-sharp edge
  • High-quality black Kydex sheath


  • Expensive
  • Clip-on the sheath is quite bulky

Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 Plain Edge Knife

This heavy-duty knife is suitable for doing any kind of heavy-duty tasks from batoning of wood for a fire to making wood shaving for kindling.

The strength of this knife mainly lies in the 4-inches high-carbon blade. The carbon content of the blade makes it easy to form sparks. and to do that you only need to do is that strike a piece of flint against the blade spine.

The strong tip of the blade makes this knife capable of camping tasks like craving, chopping, slicing and cutting. This knife features a blade ground with flat bevels that extends from the spine all the way to the cutting edge. This grind helps to reduce the drag that can be felt while cutting.

This Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 PlainEdge Knife has an amazing G-10 construction handle that offers a comfortable and strong grip over the handle.

The handle is made of weaving glass fiber with epoxy. It makes the handle not only beautiful but it also helps to make it weather and temperature resistant.

Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 PlainEdge Knife also comes with a beautifully designed leather sheath that has a plastic liner inside to prevent cutting the leather.


  • High-performing knife
  • High-end blade
  • Comfortable grip
  • High-quality leather sheath


  • Can catch rust easily
  • Expensive

Buck Knives 0863BRS Selkirk Fixed Blade Knife

This is one of the best and cheapest bushcraft knives available in the market.

The name of this knife is named after the name after the rocky Selkirk mountain range that begins in Idaho’s Northern Panhandle.

It has a 420HC steel blade having amazing strength and edge retention ability. The blade measures 4.625 inches long.

Actually, this is a midsized knife but it equipped with a lot of features that are must in bushcraft knife. The overall length of the knife is around 9.5 inches.

Being made of steel it is a corrosion-resistant knife.

Its full tang design enables it to withstand high pressure and force.

Moreover, this knife comes with a fire started and with an integrated whistle in the grid.

When it comes to the handle of this knife it has a superb grip. It has Micarta handle design with steel bolster at the end of the handle.

You can use its steel bolster as a hammer for outdoor use

Buck Selkirk comes with an injection-molded nylon sheath to safely store the knife. It is very easy and quick to take out a knife from the sheath due to having to nice opening width.

The sheath fits nicely on the belt and can also be configured horizontally and vertically.

Not only this, with this knife you are going to get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Fire-starter
  • 420Hc steel blade
  • Full tang knife
  • Nylon Sheath


  • Attaching sheath horizontally is not comfortable

Morakniv Craftline Pro S Allround Fixed Blade Bushcraft Knife

Morakniv Craftline Pros S Allround is a fixed blade knife. Being a fixed blade knife this is handier, stronger, and sturdier than folding bushcraft knives. It is the best bushcraft knife under 50$ due to its some amazing features discussed below.

The TPE rubber handle is of this knife is very easy to grasp and the rubberized feel of the handle gives a much more reliable grip over the knife which further leads in the smooth functioning of in knife.

The 3.6 inch blade of Morakniv Craftline Pro s is made of Sandvik stainless steel which is much superior to the normal steel blade knives in the market. This feature of this knife gives it an edge to the other bushcraft knives in the market.

The blade of the knife comes sharp enough to crave tinder easily as well as chop up fruits, vegetables, and meat for meal prep.

It also comes with a plastic sheath. The plastic sheath looks cheap but does not forget that this is a low budget bushcraft knife. however, the sheath is lightweight, simple and attachable to the belt, pocket, or pack without any hustle.

When it comes to the costing in this knife, first of all, it is not a full tang knife it is a rat-tail tang knife. The full tang bushcraft knives are more reliable and strong but when it comes to the application Morakniv Craftline Pro S is also a high-performance knife.

Overall, if you are looking for the best budget bushcraft knife under 50$ then Morakniv Craftline Pro S Allround is the best pick for you.


  • Rat-tail tang
  • Super Affordable
  • High quality
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Feel great in the hand
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth functioning


  • Not a full tang knife

Condor Bushcraft Knife

The Condor Bushcraft Knife is one of the most popular fixed blade bushcraft knives in the market. It is also one of the top rated bushcraft knives on amazon which is rated four-star by more than 1100 users.

The blade of the knife is made of 1075 High Carbon Steel that makes the blade ultra-durable than the stainless steel blade knife. However, carbon steel makes the knife weight little more than the normal steel blade knives.

When it comes to the handle of this knife it is made with the hardwood that makes the knife more durable and sturdy. Moreover, the handle has a good shape that gives a comfortable grip.

It comes with the brass reinforced lanyard hole where you can insert a lanyard to get a better secure grip over the knife. It proves to be very helpful form the safety point especially when you are doing high-intensity work.

Overall, the Condor Bushcraft Knife is a good bushcraft knife for those who are looking for a high bushcraft knife under 100$.


  • Hardwood handle
  • Carbin steel frame
  • Lanyard hole
  • Durable and high performance
  • Top Rated Best bushcraft knife under 100$


  • Little heavy

Buying Guide For Bushcraft Knife

While buying a bushcraft knife there are a lot of things that need to be kept in mind to make the right choice out of different options available in the market.

Blade Material

The blade is one of the most important things that should be checked before buying a knife because if the blade of a knife is not strong enough to withstand high-pressure there is no use of having that knife with you.

There are different knives available in the market that has blades made of a different material mainly high carbon steel and stainless steel.

But now the question arises that which is best out of them?

So let’s begin.

High carbon steel offers you more strength and durability. Carbon steel blades are highly recommended for doing high-end tasks that involve high-pressure and force.

Not only carbon steel knives offer high strength but these knives are also very easy to sharpen and have high edge retention ability.

Most of the carbon steel blade comes with a coating on it to prevent the blade from rust. But the blade can still catch rust if not stored properly.

When it comes to stainless steel blade they offer rust-resistant features along with high strength but not as much as of carbon steel blade.

A stainless steel blade is highly useful for use in a humid or wet climate because a carbon steel blade will easily catch rust in such a condition.

So, if your main priority is a rust-resistant knife then go with stainless steel blae knife and if you want to have a highly durable and storing knife then go with a carbon steel blade.

Handle Material

As far as the handle material is concerned it should have a comfortable and strong grip.

Bushcraft knives come with a number of different handle materials like wood, carbon, rubber, plastic, and many more.

If your knife has a strong, non-slip, and non-corrosive handle then it good to have a knife like that.

And if your knife has a lanyard hole is more awesome because it will offer you more security.

Fixed or Folding Blade

Another doubt that arises in the mind while buying a bushcraft knife is whether you should buy a fixed blade or folding blade knife.

So let’s see which one is better among these two.

If you want to have a strong knife that can withstand the toughest tasks then without thinking the second time you should go with a fixed blade knife.

If you are one of them who does not like to carry a knife on their waist then you should go with a folding knife because folding knives are smaller in size and offer easy portability. Nevertheless, the folding knives do not offer you high strength and durability but they are a good pick if you want to do normal outdoor activities.

Personally, I will recommend you go with the fixed blade knife because you will stronger knife and it will be your one-time investment.


A tang refers to the part of the blade that extends right to the knife’s handle. Generally, blade and tang are made of a single piece of metal.

If you want to have the best bushcraft knife then you should go with a full-tang knife.

A full tang knife can withstand high pressure and force but it is not possible to expect the same strength and durability form a partial tang knife.

With Sheath or Not

Keeping your knife safe and secure you must have a sheath with you. A sheath helps to protect the knife from getting fallen and makes it easy to carry. Thatswhy you must have a sheath for your knife.

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