Best Cyclocross Bike under 1000 dollars

Looking for the best cyclocross bike here I have listed 6 Best Cyclocross Bikes under 1000 dollars.

Cyclocross bikes are designed to offer best riding performance no matter wheater on-road or off-road. Cyclocross bikes are one of the most versatile bikes that are highly preferred for a great experience in commuting, touring, and more. This riding a cyclocross bike is the best way to stay race-fit for all-seasons.

These bikes are made with lightweight material but they are durable and responsive bikes with larger tires having wider clearances. Cyclocross bike comes with different designs, features, speed, performance levels, and handling abilities.

If you are confused to choose the best cyclocross bike out of multiple options then don’t worry if you follow the reviews of my 6 Best Cyclocross Bikes under 1000 dollars then you’ll be sure to find the best one that exactly you need for your requirements. So here is the list of 6 Best Cyclocross Bikes under 1000$ in 2020.

List of Best Cyclocross Bike Under 1000$





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Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike


Tommaso Sterrata Shimano Claris R2000 Gravel Adventure Bike


Retrospec Bicycles AMOK V2 Cyclocross Convertible


Pure Cycles Adventure Gravel Disc Road Bike 


Tommaso Illimitate Shimano Tiagra Gravel Adventure Bike


Mongoose Selous Sport Gravel Road Bike

Tommaso Imola

This is my top pick for the Best Cyclocross Bike Under 1000$. Tommaso is one of the most popular budget bikes in the market. This is a very nice bike with great design and performance.

The Tommaso Imola is the best bike because every component used in this bike is of high quality there is no compromise made by the manufacturer in terms of quality. It is equipped with the components from a very well known bike component manufacturer company “Shimano”. Where most of the bike manufacturers use low-quality components in their budget bikes Tommaso did the opposite and made this superb high-quality budget bike.

It comes with the 6061 SLA Aluminum Frame that is durable enough to offer you years of riding experience. The frame is not heavy and uncomfortable, therefore it offers an amazing ride on both uphill and rough roads. Moreover, there are two colors available in frame one is black and the second is white.

The fork is made os steel that makes it weight little heavier but the weight is not that heavy that it will ruin your riding experience. For a beginner rider, this much weight is not going to impact the overall ride. However, when it comes to the durability of the steel fork it is really sturdy and durable.

The drivetrain and derailleurs used in this bike are both from the Shimano Claris groupset. This is a great groupset that offers a seamless transition between gears. It features a combination of 3 × 8 gears which is perfect for a beginner rider.

The wheels used in this bike from the manufacturer itself. Tommaso Imola comes with its own Tommaso Corsa TC-20. The front-wheel features 20 spokes and rear wheels 24 spokes that are decent numbers. When it comes to tires, it features Kenda’s 700 × 25c that has good width and offers better traction.

As this is a budget bike this bike does not comes disc brakes instead it has Shimano Claris brake calipers that work great but not as great as disc brakes. If you want to have a disc brake bike then you can check out the second bike listed here that also from Tommaso and comes with disc brakes.


  • Value for money bike
  • Great awesome looking design
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Saddle with cushioning for hours of great riding.
  • Better traction
  • custom Tommaso Corsa Rims


  • No disc brakes
  • Steel fork makes little heavier

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Tommaso Sterrata Shimano Claris R2000

This is my second pick as the Best Cyclocross Bike Under 1000 dollars. The Tommaso Sterrata is a rudded and powerful all-terrain performing bike that offers an unbeatable experience. Every part of this bike is design form maximum comfort and efficiency so that rider enjoys the riding to the fullest.

The compact aluminum frame with carbon fork comprises premium-shaped tubing that’s lightweight and durable last for years. The tube top gets narrow as moves toward the seat tide that provides more room for legs and knees. The high modulus carbon fork offers maximum comfort and vibration dampening.

It comes with the Shimano Claris groupset that provides awesome performance, speed, and durability. It is equipped with the 24-speed Shimano drivetrain that offers a wide range of gear options to choose from. By selecting the required speed level the rider can adjust the bike according to the riding conditions.

The shifter and drivetrains provide smooth, easy and precise gear shifting. It is equipped with the rugged 32mm tires that offer a strong grip in all types of terrain and riding conditions. The rims are also strong and durable and provide heavy-duty performance on both 0n and off-road conditions.

The Serrata is equipped with the Avid BB5 disc brakes for added security stopping power in adverse weather conditions. The disc brakes make sure that you can install stop your bike any time to avoid any mishappening.

The assembly of the bike is easy but it is recommended to get it done by a professional so that you can validate the warranty.


  • Aluminum frame with a high modulus carbon fork
  • 24-speed Shimano Claris
  • Durable all-weather disc brakes
  • Better traction with 32mm tires
  • Well-design bike for more room for legs and knees


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

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Retrospec Bicycle AMOK V2

This is the third-best bike in the category of Best Cyclocross Bike Under 1000$. With this bike, you can conquer your competition no matter whether on and off the tracks. This bike is a cyclocross by its design but can be also used for ideal commuting.

The bike is designed b keeping in mind the comfort of the rider. The flat lightweight handlebars are bringing in nature so that you can apply all of your energy into your bike for ultimate power. The flat handlebars offer you ca comfortable upright riding position, putting less pressure on your wrist.

It is an ultra-light bike with its Chromoly frame that keeps the bike weight low without compromising the durability of the bike. It comes with the Kenda Small Block 8 tires. These tires are specially designed to handle the wet, dry, firm and loose ground. It comes with the Shimano Altus 9-speed derailleur and microSHIFT shifter.

It is equipped with the robust 3/32″chain and chain ring to withstand the toughest conditions. Moreover, the Retrospec thin freestyle platform pedals are durable and offer better riding experience.

It features sealed bearing hubs, bottom bracket and alloy crank with 42T chain ring for less maintenance. Moreover, it has 700C double-wall rims that offer additional durability and toughest to bear the stress of tough terrains.

When it comes to the braking power of this bike it is equipped with the front and rear cantilever brakes which are not as good as disc brakes but they work well and provides good stopping power.


  • Durable Chro-mo frame
  • Smooth shifter
  • Nice tires
  • Responsive steering
  • Flat handlebars offer comfortable upright riding position


  • Cantilever Brakes
  • Little heavy

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Pure Cycles Adventure Bike

The Pure Cycles Adventure Bike is another best cyclocross bike under 1000 dollars that features a super-strong 4130 Chromoly steel frame with tons of clearance and rack-mounting points that make this bike a touring beast.

It is equipped with the 16-speed Shimano Claris STI drivetrain delivers excellent gearing for adventure and commuting rides. Gear transition of one gear to another is also smooth and riding friendly so that you do not have to lose your focus form the track or road.

It features a 3-piece FSA Tempo Adventure 48/32t crankset that offers a wide range of gears to choose from to tackle different terrain conditions.

The wheels used in this bike are built with tubeless-ready 700c WTVB STP i23 3-hole rims with stainless-steel spokes and alloy hubs. The wheels are durable enough to tackle any terrain conditions.

When it comes to the braking system of this bike it comes with the Promax disc brakes that provide instant braking power to stop the bike quickly to avid any mishappening due to over speed.

It is equipped with the beefy Hutchinson Override tires that provide better traction or grip on different terrains for comfortable, safe and great riding experience.

The adjustable drop handlebar with a variety of hand positions and gel-padded tape offers better grip and control to ride the bike safely regardless of the terrain. Moreover, it has Selle Royal Rampage adventure saddle that offers comfort on extended rides.


  • Durable frame
  • Powerful disc brakes
  • Gel-padded tape handles provide a strong grip
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Different gear option for a comfortable ride on all terrains
  • Easy assembly


  • The unpadded seat can be uncomfortable for some riders

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Tommaso Illimitate

The Tommaso Illimitate Bike is specially built for those riders who do not want to leave the pavement and enjoy all kinds of terrains. Whether you are looking for an excellent commuting bike or a bike that can erase the boundaries of a road bike this is another best cyclocross bike under 1000 dollars budget.

It features a compact aluminum frame and a carbon fork. The shaped tubing looks cool and offers a comfortable or reliable riding experience for years. The frame is equipped for a heavy-duty rear rack and front panniers, making it incredibly versatile. The compact design of this bike offers easy climbing in dirt and gravels.

It comes with a 2 × 10 Shimano Tiagra drivetrain with the compact crankset and 11 × 32T Tiagra cassette for a huge range of speed to allow the rider to conquer any type of terrain conditions.

When riding off-road and commuting it requires a strong braking system to tackle extreme conditions to do so it comes with the Avid BB5 disc brakes that provide power braking.

When it comes to the wheelset of this bike it features the Tommaso Corsa D rims and Kenda kwick Tendrill Road Tires. These rims feature 32 spokes that can handle difficult terrains. The combination of both the durable rims and tires offers great performance on the road as well as in the dirt.

The handlebars are very beautiful designs and offer a very comfortable riding position. These compact handlebars allow the rider to use all positions of the handlebars with comfort. This bike also features a comfortable, lightweight and durable saddle.

Overall, this bike is great to pick for those who are looking for a durable all-terrain bike with disc brakes and comfortable  saddle


  • Beautiful design
  • Vibration resistant aluminum frame
  • Powerful disc brakes
  • Comfortable saddle
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Wide range of gears
  • Comfortable handlebar


  • Most Expensive bike in this list

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Mongoose Selous Sport

The Mongoose Selous Sport is a versatile companion for travel, fitness, trail, or fun weekend ride. If you are looking for a versatile best cyclocross bike under 1000$ then it is the best option for you to consider.

The frame of this bike is made of aluminum alloy and has double-butted construction. The fork is also made of the same material that gives you all benefits so aluminum bikes like lightweight functionality and durability.

It is equipped with the Shimano Sora groupset that has robust, stylish and focuses on fitness and sports riders. The 18-speed drivetrain provides a wide range of gear range to choose from according to the terrain condition or your own comfort.

The 40mm all-road adventure tires of this bike provide a better grip on all terrains for a balanced ride. These all-road tires offer impressive performance and durability to handle the toughest conditions.

When it comes to the barking power of this bike it is equipped with the powerful mechanical disc brakes that offer superior stopping power that makes your life safe on the road.

Overall, this great designed bicycle provides immense performance and durable enough to bear stress of the toughest terrains.


  • Double-butted aluminum frame
  • Powerful mechanical disc brakes on both wheels
  • Wide 40 mm tires for a balanced ride on different terrains
  • Wide range of gear options to choose from
  • Large number spokes wheel


  • The seat on not very comfortable

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Final Words on Best Cyclocross Bike Under 1000 Dollars

As now you got to know about the 6 best cyclocross bike under 1000$ with which you can go off-road and on-road. The suitability of every bike can be different according to the needs of the different rider. So make sure that you have a clear picture in your mind about your needs to have a cyclocross bike.

This step will make your bike selection process easy and smooth because you will not get confused after reading the specification of the different bikes if your vision is clear.

I hope this c article Best Cyclocross Bikes under 1000$ may have helped you in making your choice.