11 Best Heart Rate Monitor for Cycling and Running

Heart rate monitor is one of the most important health accessories which is often overlooked by the exercisers.

A heart rate monitor is never a bad idea. It is a great tool for all exercisers. Even, if used temporarily, it will help you learn how you feel at a given heart rate and you will become a better judge of your exercise tolerance and any limitation.

Heart rate monitors are also very helpful for new exercisers because it helps them to set their limits and monitor their progress.

It is the heart rate monitor that provides valuable data that you can use to measure your progress toward your goals.

Choosing the best Heart Rate Monitor for cycling and running is not very easy due to the availability of different models of different brands in the market.

But, should not worry. You are on the right platform.

Here I am going to help you out to choose the best heart rate monitor for you in your suitable price range.

Every heart rate monitor that I have listed here either I have personally tested it or I have done deep research on it and read a lot of customer reviews before listing them here.

List of Best Heart Rate Monitor for Cycling and Running





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Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor


CooSpo IP67 Waterproof Fitness Tracker


Wahoo Fitness Tickr X Heart Rate Monitor


Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor


Garmin Forerunner 235


Fitbit Versa Smart Watch


4iii  Innovations V100 viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor


YAMAY Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure Monitor Heart Rate Monitor


HalfSun Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor


Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor Armband - Optical Heart Rate Armband Monitor


Garmin HRM-Tri Heart Rate Monitor

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar is a leading brand in the consumer heart rate monitors. IT has all the features that you need to have in a consumer heart rate monitor like extended battery life, built-in memory, extensive compatibility with 3rd party apps, easy to remove the battery cover and a comfortable chest strap.

It has a sleek look and sits flat against your chest.

It has an easy opening battery compartment cover. You do not have to insert a coin into a slot in the back and turning to unlock. You just have to lift up the tab to remove the battery compartment cover. It is really easy to open when you need battery replacement.

There are small silicone dots on the strap that prevents it from slipping especially during swimming.

The third electrode in the H10’s strap to improve the heart rate monitoring accuracy.

It records the heart rate data for one workout up to 1 hour on the monitor.

The Polar H10 also stores full heart rate data, shown in a chart, including max and average heart rates, workout time, calories burned and fat burn percent of calories.

It is water-resistant to 30 meters. This functionality helps you to use it for tracking your swimming workouts.

It uses the Bluetooth connectivity channel to connect to your smartphone. It works outstandingly with both phones and android phones.

The best thing that I liked about the connectivity is that if I get out of range from my phone, it automatically re-connects when I come in range.

The Polar Beat app provides you free tracking and in-workout training. You can select out of the 100 types of exercise like running, biking, and judo, etc.

Its only drawback that I have observed is that it does have an any LED light indicator to show whether the sensor is on or not.


  • Excellent heart rate monitor
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to open the battery cover


  • No LED light indicator

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CooSpo IP67 Waterproof Fitness Tracker

This is next-generation HRM form CooSpo. It is one of the best heart rate monitor for cycling and running. It is equipped with a lot of features like LED light, voice notification for devices status, easy to use functionality, sleek and lightweight design.

It supports both ANT+ and Bluetooth technology. It can be connected with smartphones, cycling computers, tablets, and laptops. Moreover, it is also compatible with some intelligent exercise devices like Pelaton and other Bluetooth hardware.

It is compatible with a lot of popular activity tracking apps like Strava, Wahoo, Zwift, Endomondo, IpBike, Elit hrv, Cardio, Nike+ Running and some other.

With the help of this device, you can check the real-time heart rate, training, zone, and calories burned.

There is a sensor that makes a little audible beep when the device going to work. The LED light lets you know about whether the device is working or not. The green light indicates that the devices are on but Bluetooth is disconnected and the blue light indicates the Bluetooth is connected.

The device is very comfortable to wear for a long time.

It comes with the CR2032 cell battery. The manufacturers claim that it lasts up to 12 months. Moreover, the battery is also replaceable. It is very easy to open the battery compartment cover. You just need a coin and you will be good to go to replace the battery.

It comes with the 2-year hassle-free warranty. Furthermore, CooSpo also provides good after-sale customer service.


  • Affordable
  • Sleek Design
  • East to use
  • Leight weight
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Compatible with different activity tracking apps
  • LED light
  • Voice Notification
  • ANT+ and Bluetooth technology
  • Two-Year Warranty


  •  Strap could be more durable

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Wahoo Fitness Tickr X Heart Rate Monitor

The Wahoo TICKR is another one of the Best Heart Rate Monitor for Cycling and Running which is a popular and affordable option for a chest heart rate monitor.

Wahoo chest monitor comes in three models( TICKR, TICKx and TICK RUN ). Out of these, there models TICKR is one of the best affordable chest heart rate monitors.

It can be connected with compatible smartphones, fitness trackers, bike computer and GPS devices, etc by using ANT+ or Bluetooth.

Wahoo has its own fitness apps. Moreover, it is also compatible with some third-party apps like Runkeeper, Nike+Run Club, MapMyFitness, MapMyHike, MyFitnessPal, Strava, and Runtastic, etc.

The Wahoo’s apps support different sport profiles like cycling, running, walking, mountain biking, cardio-class, stair climber, skating, snowboarding, kayaking, windsurfing, and some more.

It tracks and captures real-time heart rate, calories burned and training zones on your smartphone or tablet.

You can also record the workout data in the Wahoo Fitness app and upload it to any training platform.

The strap of the TICKR connects both ends of the monitor with snaps. The strap offers the hand washable functionality. The strap can be adjusted to the length of 23 to 48 inches.

The LED indicator lets you know about whether the device is paired or not.

The only flaw that I have personally noted that to get the highest accurate heart rate frequency you have to wear it very tighter.

It measures 0.5 × 1.5 × 2.8 inches and weights around 3.52 ounces.

This is one of the most reliable CHRM in terms of connectivity, especially using ANT+.


  • Double band technology ( Bluetooth and ANT+ )
  • Comes with hand washable strap
  • Compatible with several third-party apps.


  • To monitor accurate highest heart rate frequency it needs to be worn tighter.

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Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor is viewed amongst the most accurate heart rate monitor monitors in the market.

It works with a training computer that displays the required heart rate readings on the screen.

It comes with the easy to read display. It displays the precise heart rate data and also shows a summary of the latest workout session. The watch offers a backlit display for a better experience.

It an awesome feature by using that you can set a heartbeat range and if you stray that range then this device will alert you by the visual or audible alarm.

The wristwatch and chest strap both components of these devices fit comfortably on a variety of body types.

This is very simple to use a heart rate monitor. It is not equipped with unnecessary features. It has one-button functionality that does not slow down the run to scroll through a bunch of minutiae just to see the simple information.

The one-button can be used to shuffles between heart rate readings, time of the day and time of workout session.

This is not a good option for those who are looking for devices that can measure heart rate as well as another counting like calories burned, steps taken or distance traveled.

But, I can stay that it works amazingly in the function of heartbeat reading for which it is mainly meant. It is not a device that is equipped with tones of features and functionality but fails to perform its major function( heartbeat reading ).

This is mainly designed to measure heart rate during exercise. It does not measure the resting heart rates constantly throughout the day

The wrist band and chest strap is very comfortable to wear and offers a user-friendly experience while doing the workout.

This is the best heart rate monitor that falls under the category of best heart rate monitor for Cycling and Running under the price range of $100.


  • Offers accurate data on maximum and medium heart rate readings
  • Best heart rate monitor under $100
  • Large easy to read backlit display
  • One-button functionality
  • Coded heart rate transmission for no cross-talk and the maximum accuracy
  • Visual and audible alarm alert


  • Does not offer information about calories burnt
  • Not compatible with BlueTooth
  • No provision of step count and fitness tracker
  • Only reads heart rate
  • Monitor heart rate strictly during exercise

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Garmin Forerunner 235

The Garmin Forerunner 235 is an excellent heart rate monitor and fitness tracker that stand out of the competition with its amazing features.

Design-wise it is a stylish, sleek smartwatch that works as a full-time optical heart rate monitor. It is has a pretty classic round face that measures 1.23 inches in diameter.

This does not have any touch screen to operate instead it works with the side button. It is very easy to navigate with a button instead of the touch screen during the workout. The buttons are responsive and easy to use.

However, some people prefer to touch screen functionality. if you like the same ten you can go with the Fitbit Versa.

Garmin Forerunner 235 amounts to the better-looking run trackers in the market. It is available in three colors.

Moreover, it weights only 42g that makes it a lighter watch.

It is compatible to track your all-day activities like steps and sleep.

Being water-resistant it can be worn in the shower or while swimming.

This device is suitable fr both casual and serious runners. It is equipped with GPS to measure pace and distance when running. Moreover, it can also monitor steps and calories burned.


  • Accurate Heart Rate Monitor
  • Sleek Design
  • Track distance, pace, sleep and more
  • Easy to use even in sunlight
  • Customizable interface


  • App could be better organized
  • Occasional connection and syncing
  • Expensive

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Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

The Fitbit is another best heart rate monitor for cycling and Running that is compact, lightweight smartwatch and fitness tracker with an improved interface for easier stat readouts.

Fitbit claims that the Versa is one of its lightest smartwatches yet due to the ultra-thin, anodized aluminum case and slightly tapered and angled design that has been built to fit small or large wrists. The Versa store and play 300 plus songs.

It has 15 plus exercise modes like Run or Swim to record workouts and connect to smartphone GPS for a more precise real-time pace & distance.

It also enables you to access your favorite apps for sports, weather and more and get the call, calendar, text, and smartphone notification on your wrist.

It has Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility with iPhone, android and window phone.

Moreover, it is also water-resistant up to 30 meters.


  • Lightweight
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Water-resistant
  • 15 plus exercise modes


  • Battery life is not that much good
  • No GPS
  • Expensive

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4iii  Innovations V100 viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor

The 4iii Innovations V100 viiiva is another best heart rate monitor for cycling and Running that looks like a typical HRM. It is very well-designed to offer ease in its operation.

It is a coin cell battery-powered HRM. IT gives easy access to battery changes. It offers you long battery life, up to 200 hours of usage.

It features dual-band talk. IT means this HRM not only reads your heartbeat. It can read the signals sent by your ANT+ devices.

It can connect your ANT+ sensors with the Bluetooth device like a smartphone or tablet. It can store the readed data until you can sync and upload it later on. It can store up to 65 hours of workout data.

It is simple to pair with the cycle computers. I checked it with a Garmin Edge 810 and 3T Eye and gets connected without any issue. Moreover, it also connects through a standard Bluetooth Connection with the mobile-phone. Therefore, it can be used as a standard HRM on apps like Strava or Garmin Connect.

It has a comfortable fit and can be adjusted through two sliders at the back.

This is extremely accurate HRM. It measures the time between each heartbeat precisely enough to allow Viiiiva to be used in gauging heart rate variability.

IT measures 2.6 × 1.6 × 0.2 inches and weight around 1.6 ounces.


  • ANT+ Sensor bridge
  • Tap to pair
  • Long battery life
  • User-friendly app
  • Provide accurate measurement


  • Typical HRM, No other high-end feature.

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YAMAY Fitness Tracker

With s simple, sleek design, many color scheme options, functionality, and an affordable price this is a great option for those who want to have a fitness tracker that they can wear on their wrist. This is another best heart rate monitor for cycling and Running.

It is equipped with the blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, pedometer, GPS workout tracker, IP68 rating water protection, reminders, and notifications functionalities.

It is compatible with the free application called VeryFitPro. It helps to track the measurements throughout the day and can be synced with other apps like Google Fit and Apple Health to keep all your data in one place.

This app will show you the data related to the steps taken, distance traveled, route mapper, calories burned, sleep routine, heart rate.

As it is also equipped with the pedometer, it helps to track your steps, distance, pace, time, calories burned and heart rate. There are fourteen different activities like cycling, running, walking, fitness exercises, badminton, basketball, football, tennis, spinning, dancing, yoga, and mountaineering from which you can choose before heading out.

This watch is an IP68 rating. Being of IP68 rating you do not have to worry about the watch during swimming, and shower. However, it is not going to track your workout when it’s underwater.

The notification feature of this watch is really great it reminds you when you are not moving enough or advise you to take a break if you’re moving a lot. Moreover, you can also set an alarm and you can even set them to be silent so that anyone around you would not get disturbed.

Furthermore, when you connect it with your smartphone it can sync message alerts, call alerts, email alerts, and social media alerts.


  • Blood pressure/ Heart rate monitor
  • Affordable
  • Pedometer
  • IP69 rating


  • Not highly accurate

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Half Sun Fitness Tracker

This attractive HalfSun Fitness Tracker will serve all your needs related to health monitoring. It has a large, clear and easy to read display. This is another Best Heart Rate Monitor for Cycling and Running.

It is a waterproof device you do not have to worry if you caught in the rain wearing this tracker.

It tracks your heart rate and monitors your sleep. It also measures all the daily fitness activities that you perform like calories burned, distance covered, and so on. Moreover, it also features a blood pressure tracker.

The record of all the activities is stored in the app that can be accessed at any time.

There is another great feature of smartphone syncing that enables you to connect it with the smartphone by using the H Band app. With this feature, you can access your phone remotely. You can receive calls, emails as well as notifications coming on your phone, directly on HalfSum Fitness Tracker.

Furthermore, there is also a sedentary alert feature that tells you you to go for a workout session if you have been inactive for long.

Its 200mAh battery lasts up to 5 days. It takes almost an hour to fully recharge.

The wrist band is very comfortable to wear. It feels soft and comfortable. Moreover, it also looks stylish and expensive.

The one best feature I personally like that you do not have to tap it on to check the time, just lift your arm or wrist and automatically show you.


  • Supports blood pressure measurement.
  • 14 sports tracking mode
  • Smartphone Syncing
  • Long battery life
  • Value for money


  • Waterproof is not that much good

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Scosche Rhythm24

The Scosche Rhythm24 is another one of the Best Heart Rate Monitor for Cycling and Running. This heart rate monitor in the form of an armband that you can wear above or below the elbow. It can be used to track heart rate almost during every sport. It is equipped with a special mode for biathlons and triathlons.

There is an LED light that glows in different colors as you reached different heart rate zones.

It has an optical sensor whereas most of the chest straps use electrical pulse technology, which is typically more accurate and reliable. The optical sensor works well but sometimes they lose the read of your pulse.

The strap works well underwater and tracks your heart rate while swimming. But, while swimming, it does not offer you real-time Bluetooth connectivity. If you want to check your heart rate later then you can record the data on the Rhthym24 and later export it somewhere else to view it.

As compared to chest strap this armband is much easier to wear.

If you want to see the numeric heart rate then you have to use the app form Scosche because this does not have any type of screen that shows you the numeric value.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple design
  • LED light indicator
  • Comfortable to wear


  • No screen to see the numeric value

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Gramin HRM-Tri Heart Rate Monitor

The HRM-Tri is the smallest and lightest heart rate monitor from Garmin.

This is the best heart rate monitor for cycling, running and open water swimming because it is designed mainly for such activities.

It is very comfortable to wear due to it-s rounded edges and comfortable strap.

It is very accurate and there are no unusual peaks and troughs.

It is compatible even during swimming. It stores data up to 20 hours of the heart rate during swims. If you want then you can transfer the data to any compatible device.

The monitor sends real-time heart rate data to the watch when it is out of the water.

If you use it for 1 hour/day then it would last for 10 months with the replaceable CR2032 battery.

It not only provides the standard heart rate metrics but it also provides feedback on running form and running dynamics. It is equipped with the accelerometer in the module that measures torso movement during running.

When it connected with the compatible devices like Gramin Forerunner 930XT, Forerunner 610 or Tactix Bravo, etc it measures the number of steps per minute, the bounce in your running motion and the amount of time in each step that your foot spends on the ground while running.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Specially designed for running, cycling and open water swimming
  • 10 months of battery life


  • Not equipped with a lot of functions

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Things to be kept in Mind while Buying The Best Heart Rate Monitor for Cycling and Running

Fitness isn’t just about the amount of exercise that you do but it is also about the intensity of that exercise.TO achieve better results you should use a heart rate monitor so that you get to know when you need to speed up or slow down.

To choose the best heart rate monitor you have to keep a number of things in mind. Here I am going to tell you some of the most important features that you should consider while buying a heart rate monitor(HRM).


The first and main consideration because not every buyer is looking for very high-end devices or a basic one. The need of every buyer can be different so first you should know how much you are willing to pay for an HMR so that you can look for the best one in that price range.

To help every type pf buyer I have listed HRM above after considers different options for different buyers. so that everyone can get the best HRM that they can afford.


IF you are one of them who only prefers to buy a product from a particle that it will be much easier for you to get one the best for you. Because in that case, you will look for good model that specific brands. If you are like me who is not brand conscious then you have to look for different options available and do analysis to choose the best one for you.

Heart Rate Monitor Features

The basic or typical heart rate monitors just tell you about the heart rate reading. But, if you are willing to pay little more then you can get a lot of features in a heart rate monitor such as Heat rate limit ( in such the device will alert you when you cross that pre-set limit ), Blood pressure measurement, Timer ( countdown, stopwatch, clock, alarm ), calories burned, and many more features.

If you are looking for a device that performs only Heart rate monitoring then you need to consider this thing just go with the dedicated HRM devices that are designed to perform only a particular job. I also want to mention here that a dedicated HRM will be much accurate than an HRM with a tone of features.


If you looking for a device that shows you data in real-time without the requirement of a separate device like smartphones, tablets, the cycling computer then you should go with a device that has a display because it would be much convenient for you to use. In that, you do not have to carry your smartphone or any devices with you to check the heart rate in numbers.

 ANT+ vs Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors

Most of the modern HMR are equipped with the ANT+. It is more common than the Bluetooth system but, it is not used in most mobile phones. When it comes to the Bluetooth technology HRM such devices are much easier to use and operate. IF you are looking for user-friendly HRM then I will personally recommend you to go with the Bluetooth option, because you can easily connect it with your smartphone.

Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor

The most accurate heart rate monitors are chest strap ones. In such type of HRM, the transmitter detects the electrical activity of your heart just like an ECG. It relays this to a display, usually worn like a wristwatch, or transmits it to cell phone apps via Bluetooth.

Wristband or Armband Heart Rate Monitors

These devices doe not comes with any chest strap. These devices are worn as a wristwatch or armband. These devices you the optical sensor technology on the back of the devices that reads your pulse.

So, as I have told you about the technology used in both types of HRM. Now, you can pick one that seems much comfortable to wear for you.

Final Words

Finding the best heart rate monitor for cycling and running is very difficult but I hope, my this article may have helped you to make your best one for you according to your needs.

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